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Contact – MiguelPazo



Miguel Pazo

Full Stack Developer

I am system engineer graduated in December 2013 with experience in software developing with Java, Scala, Node JS, PHP and .NET. I also have experience with Big Data projects, implementing solution with Spark Streaming, Kafka, Flume and ELK for collect, ingest and visualize data in real time. Like software architect I have experience analysing and deploying high availability environments with cloud and local load balancing, defining microservices architecture, CD and CI with tools like Jenkins, GIT, GitLab OnPremise, Consul and Kafka Pub/Sub.

My experience is not only technical but also as project leader, interacting with differents internal an external suppliers, all this experience give me a more broad vision for develop a complete solutions.

My Resume


My experience in different companies, working in differentes phases of the developing solutions, give me a whole vision for develop a complete solution from several approach.

E-Government Projects Architect at RENIEC

02/2018 - Present

I am working analyzing, developing and deploying solutions for the Peruvian e-government, as part of my functions I define the architecture of these solutions and deploy necessary environments for its development, user testing and production environment, building automatized workflows for all deployments for achieving continuous integration and delivery. As a own initiative I implementing Big Data solutions for analysis of data of digital certificates and services of added value. Main projects:

  • RENIEC Identity as a Service (IDaaS).
  • Peruvian Electronic Address.
  • Analysis of data of Digital Certificates and Services of Added Value.
Technologies used: Spark Streaming, Kafka, Flume, ELK, Scala, Java, NodeJS, PHP, C#, ClickOnce, Socket.io, PKI, VSphere, Jenkins, Microservices, Consul, HaProxy, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, RHEL and APDU commands.

Analyst Developer at MINEDU

08/2017 - 12/2017

During this time, I worked developing a transactional system for the enrollment of schools, high schools, universities and other educational institutions in whole my country. This project has been very important for consolidating all educational institutions' data in my country and allow the government to improve its management of these. Main project:

  • RIE.
Technologies used: C#, AngularJS, TFS, JustInMind and GitLab.

Senior Database Analyst at RENIEC

02/2016 - 07/2017

During this time, I worked deploying and monitoring highly available infrastructure for database clusters and web applications. I have migrated several services and databases between data centers for improving its performance and availability and have virtualized physical servers for VSphere. My projects are confidential because I worked in the digital certification area. Main tasks executed in the project:

  • MariaDB Cluster management.
  • Continuous monitoring of queries and connections to resolve any bottleneck.
  • Deployment of high availability environments.
  • Interact with external services providers for implement PKI services.
  • Develop internal software solutions.
I migrated all exist solutions to a high availability environment (active-active) in the data centers, implementing local and global load balancing. This migration was very useful, because at 2016 we had to accredit solutions that need a high availability environment. Technologies used: VSphere 6, RHEL 7, FortiDirector, HAproxy, MariaDB Enterprise Cluster, WildFly 10, PHP 7, NodeJS, Java, Nginx and Apache.

System Analyst at ONPE

07/2015 - 12/2015

After finalize my last project at ONPE I was promoted as System Analyst for lead a team of six people in the develop of Electronic Vote System. With my role as team leader I have managed the project schedule, developed solutions proposals, coordinations with external and internal suppliers and develop of the necesary documentation based on PMBoK 5. I have supported in the technical part too, modelating the database, developing the architecture of the solution, analizing and improve its security and performance, deploying differentes enviroments in the cloud for the solution (dev, QA and UAT). Main Project:

  • Electronic Voting System (VENP).
Technologies used: PHP, API REST, Laravel, Oracle 11g, MySQL, RSA Encryption, Digital Certificates, GIT, GitLab and RHEL.

Project Analyst at ONPE


Approximately one year later at ONPE, I was promoted as Project Analyst for support in management a team of eight people and guide the development of the System to the Process of Designation of Bureau Members (EVA). Main project:

  • System to the Process of Designation of Bureau Members (EVA).
Technologies used: Java FX, PHP, API REST, Zend Framework 1.12, Oracle 11g, RSA Encryption, Digital Certificates, SVN and GIT.

Senior Analyst Developer at ONPE

06/2013 - 01/2015

During this time, I worked analyzing and developing several electoral projects for the election of different country authorities. Main Projects:

  • Scrutiny Automatic System (SEA).
  • SIRAE.
  • Control Visits System.
  • Result Presentation System.
Technologies used: Java FX, PHP, C#, API REST, API SOAP, Zend Framework 1.12, Oracle 11g, RSA Encryption, Digital Certificates, SVN, JS native and Jquery

Analyst Developer at Bongo International

01/2011 - 05/2013

During this time, my main job was maintenance and development of new requirements for internal Bongo systems, but in parallel I also participated in other several projects. Main Projects:

  • Bongo Checkout.
  • Bongo Europe.
  • Public Website Location.
  • Bongo Connect Location.
  • Public Website for BongoUs API.
Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework 1.12, Doctrine ORM, API SOAP, SVN, GIT, JS native and JQuery.



Contact me if you are interested in my startups or if you want my support in your projects and I will contact with you as soon as possible.

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